20 December 2007

Dear Mrs. Winsor-Sturm,

Already one more year has passed and the year 2007 comes to an end.

In a review of the year’s events some special features were prominent from the perspective of the IMGEAV in the old year: The publication of the 2nd volume of the new EAV book, the integration of the IMGEAV into the umbrella organization of the “Society for Empirical Medicine” including the new admission of EAV into the Baden-Baden Medicine Week [Congress], and the turbulence arising around the Secretariat. Perhaps also the annoyances in the Italian EAV [Society] came to your ears, but in the meantime they have publicly announced two different EAV societies.

For me personally, my lecture in Baden-Baden with you and your delegation [Tour #34 tour delegation] was a special highlight of the year – I hope that this does not apply only for me but that also the lecture contents have remained positively in your memory (in spite of the language difficulties).

I hope, at the MEDICA in Düsseldorf leading to 2008, you found relationships which appeal to you, and I wish you much success in the “competition” with orthodox medicine.

I wish you a beautiful Christmas Season,
And a Happy New Year 2008


Dr. med. Richard Kraßnigg,
President IMGEAV

*  Letter translated from German by Carolyn L. Winsor-Sturm

Dr. Krassnigg and Carolyn Winsor-Sturm,
Tour #34, Baden-Baden, November 2007

A Special Letter for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published February 15, 2008

© Copyright 2008, Dr. Richard Kraßnigg, Germany

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