The New MORA Method

By Erich Rasche

New basic introductory book about MORA Therapy and the MORA-Super Plus, written by the “RA” of MORA (“MO” for Dr. Franz Morell and “RA” for Erich Rasche). Originally published in German and translated into English by George Kay from Australia. Some of the topics covered are the Meridian Rebalancing techniques, Optimal Settings for the MORA unit itself and for the MORA-Mouse, Introduction to WinBase Diagnostic and Spectra Color software programs, plus recommendations by Dr. med. E. Herrmann. 38-page trade paperback.


Notes from an English Language Level One MORA Seminar held at the Med-Tronik seminar room in Friesenheim, Germany. Covers the Physical Fundamentals of the MORA-Super including Electronic Homeopathy, Point and Medication Testing, the Principles and Basic Concepts of MORA Therapy, Bi-Polar Concepts, Basic Procedures, Point and Meridian Testing, along with Basic Applications. Excellent diagrams and explanations. 80-page trade paperback.

An informational announcement
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published August 16, 2005

These reports available through this website, or
Med-Tronik, GmbH Friesenheim, Germany

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