Biophysical Therapy of Allergies

by Peter Schumacher, M.D.

Using many years of well-documented, successfully treated case histories and his experience gained in private pediatric practice, the author is able to demonstrate that allergies can be healed completely when they are recognized as a biophysical phenomenon and treated according to the laws of biophysics.

Based on the substantive concept of “bioresonance therapy”, this book elaborates extensively and systematically on the foundation and practice of the biophysical “elimination” of allergies – that is to say, without chemicals or the stress resultant from side effects, particularly noted in pediatrics.

278 page softcover book with 145 illustrations. Available through Amazon.

Naturopathic Treatment of Colds and Infectious Diseases,

by Erich Rauch, M.D.

Dr. Rauch is known to most OIRF members for his work and publications in Mayr Therapy. He is the director of a large Mayr and health spa in Austria. He offers practical advice from his long experience as a physician specializing in natural therapies. With his detoxifying, eliminating, and resistance-strengthening measures and naturopathic procedures, most colds, flus and other infectious diseases can be overcome in a short time without complications. His treatment suggestions are also low-cost, including hydrotherapy, fasting, herbal teas and homeopathic remedies.

83 page softcover book with 10 illustrations. Available through Amazon.

Handbook of Ionized Oxygen Therapy in Light of Holistic Medicine

by Ivan Engler, Austria.

This important book has been translated into English and privately published. Some of the topics covered in this book include Biotonometry of Reaction, Reoxygenation, Reduction of Radicals, Rehydration, Regulation, Revitalization, and Optimizing all Methods of Treatment. Dr. Engler starts with discussions on Electrons and Photons, Radicals and Scavengers and goes on to detailed explanations of Oxygen as Therapy, Aging and Anti-aging, Holistic Reflections about Cancer, Anti-Cancer Strategy, Water Oscillations and Structures, the Extracellular Regulative Basic System (Pischinger-Heine), Stress, and Adjuvant Holistic Programs. In his forward to this book, Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp says: “This work belongs into the hands of every young medical, therapist or scientist who wants to acquaint himself with the modern situation of research and development or who even wants to contribute to further development. It is a “bible” of modern holistic medicine.

199-page trade paperback. Available through Amazon.

Sometimes supplied with the above book:

  • Ionised Oxygen Therapy, IO2Th/Engler, Its Scientific Fundamentals, Dissertation submitted for the PhD Degree at the Medical Faculty of the P.J. Š. University in Košice, Slovakia. 23 page booklet with illustrations
  • The Importance of Water as an Information Carrier and as the Biological Partner of Oxygen within the Organism by Ivan Engler and Wolfgang Hainschwang. 29 page report with illustrations and diagrams.

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