When Carolyn asked me to write about my newest toy, the Photon Resonance Test developed by Helmut W. Schimmel, M.D., D.M.D., it got me thinking about Dr. Walter Sturm’s passing, as well as thinking about how my practice has been influenced by Dr. Sturm and Occidental Institute.

I have been in practice for 22 years as a naturopathic physician. I was first introduced to VEGA Testing twenty years ago by a British colleague. He said I would have to go to Germany for training in the VEGA Method. With a little hunting I discovered Occidental Institute. It was through them that I was trained in EAV and VEGA. Occidental Institute was constantly sponsoring physicians from Europe to teach state of the art natural medicine as practiced in both Germany and the rest of Europe. These conferences and seminars raised the continuing education bar in North America. Foremost among the doctors that Dr. Sturm introduced to North America was Dr. Schimmel who taught us about complex homeopathy, new testing methods and therapeutic devices.

Looking at the testing procedures, devices and medicines in my pharmacy, I would say that I learned about approximately 80 percent of them through seminars both here and in Germany that were sponsored by Dr. Walter Sturm and Occidental Institute.

For 18 years I used the VEGA Test Method according to Dr. Schimmel with all my patients. In the last two years I have switched to Dr. Schimmel’s new testing device, the Photon Resonance Test (PRT) device. The PRT does everything VEGA does with some very important new testing features. The PRT has a wider range of testing abilities and greater sensitivity from the organ level down into the actual DNA level of resonance. With the three extra-fine levels of testing it has made a major improvement in test results for autoimmune and autoaggressive disease. The PRT allows for improved identification of such factors as:

  1. Electromagnetic influences
  2. Malignant tendencies, which proves helpful in monitoring progression of therapies in cancer patients
  3. Chemical intoxications, and
  4. Best of all, the more sensitive range of frequencies that can be tested allows tracking of the status of the newly discovered intracellular DNA/RNA viruses, viroids, and fungi pre- and post-therapy.

The added sensitivity of the PRT allows for better and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of many of my most difficult to treat patients, who are affected by chronic DNA or RNA viroids. Without exception, all of my patients with autoimmune and autoaggressive chronic disease, and with treatment resistant allergies, test positive for intracellular or intranuclear infection.

Dr. Schimmel developed specific remedies for treatment of these chronic infections and since using them I have seen the biggest gains and advances in treating patients afflicted with this group of conditions. Within only a few weeks of starting therapy, both subjective and objective positive changes are noticeable to myself and to the patient. The antimicrobial remedies have greatly enhanced my ability to start resolving many autoimmune and autoaggressive conditions at a much faster rate. Up until the advent of Dr. Schimmel’s new remedies, these conditions would take months of treatment to effect a change.

Since learning of the PRT and the antimicrobial remedies I have implemented this protocol for testing chronic microbial infection as part of my initial testing for all patients. Once this is accomplished I proceed with other therapies introduced by Dr. Walter Sturm through Occidental Institute over the years. A few of my favorite modalities include the Bio-Electronic Method of Prof. Vincent (BEV), MORA-Therapy, Bio-Photon Light Therapy and others too numerous to mention.

Every time I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Schimmel I was amazed and impressed with his new developments in the field of testing and treating chronic disease. Most of my best work is a direct result of Dr. Walter Sturm’s introduction of Dr. Schimmel’s methods to North America. Dr. Schimmel’s latest developments, the PRT and testing of intracellular RNA and DNA, have been two of the greatest advances in my practice in many years.

Both Dr. Helmut Schimmel and Dr. Walter Sturm were an inspiration to all of us who had the privilege to know them and learn from them. Their knowledge, expertise and willingness to share it with others will be treasured and sadly missed by many for years to come.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published July 22, 2004

© Copyright 2004, Dr. S. Craig Wagstaff, BC Canada

About the author

After graduation Craig established the first naturopathic clinic in the Okanagan Valley. He practiced in Kelowna for 10 years before moving his clinic to Winfield, BC. Craig also offered mobile service to his patients in Vancouver and Edmonton for 20 years. This year Craig celebrated 30 years of naturopathic practice. He was a rare and gifted man who positively influenced the lives of thousands of people with his knowledge, wisdom and caring. He humbly gave of his time, scholarship and mentorship to any and all he encountered. Craig was a lifelong learner who travelled the world seeking knowledge that would benefit his patients. Craig was a specialist amongst naturopaths and was a sought after lecturer and teacher in North America and Europe.

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