A Special Chronological Report

Biological Medicine Group Tour to Germany
(Nov. 2003, Tour #29) Including the
Baden-Baden “Medicine Week”

Sponsored by:
Occidental Institute Research Foundation (OIRF)
Penticton, British Columbia Canada

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

Sunday (Nov. 2nd): Twenty-four tour participants met at our Frankfurt Airport hotel this evening for an informal welcome reception with our two staff members. Countries represented were Australia, Canada, England, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. Because delegates joined us from different countries, everyone made their own airline arrangements. [Like last year’s tour, all participants – other than couples – again had a single room in both Frankfurt and Baden-Baden at no extra charge.]

Monday (Nov. 3rd): This morning after breakfast, a deluxe chartered bus picked us up at our hotel and travelled about two hours by “Autobahn” in a southerly direction. We had arranged an “Introduction to German Food” buffet lunch at the Radisson Hotel in Karlsruhe, which was a real hit with the participants since for many this was their first time in Germany. [All meals were included in the tour price except two dinners, allowing them a “skip dinner option” or a restaurant of their choice.]

With only three days notice (before Carolyn and I left for Germany in advance of the tour group) the “Complementary Cardiac treatment, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine Clinic” we’d been scheduled for months to visit this morning cancelled on us, ostensibly due to lack of English speaking staff on that day.

As a result I scrambled to find another clinic that could take us at the last minute! Although not exactly an ideal “Biological Medicine Clinic” for the delegation to visit, I found a world-class facility near Baden-Baden catering to the rich and famous that quickly confirmed my (literally imposed) request. Their high caliber internal medicine, German state-of-the-art diagnostics and sheer opulence left our delegates in absolute awe – or was it partially envy?

After two hours at the clinic we had dinner in Baden-Baden at a typical German home-style food restaurant with great “schnitzels”, seasonal wild game, etc. [umm…I can still taste that meal!].Then, on to our hotel for the next three nights.

Tuesday (Nov. 4th): Daily breakfast buffet was included in the tour price. At 9 AM in a meeting room at our hotel, our first private session, namely on Dr. Schimmel’s Photon Resonance Test (PRT), which allows testing into the cell nucleus DNA (inside the double helix!). Dr. Schimmel regretted being unable to conduct this presentation and demonstration personally, due to illness and a concurrent PRT research project. In his place we had a perhaps even better alternative (considering his impa­tience with questions and demonstrations), namely Mrs. Mechthild Röhrig-Weking, H.P. [German Naturopath], Dr. Schimmel’s protégée, and an official PRT instructor. Naturally she speaks English.

After lunch, our bus took us to the Baden-Baden Congress Hall, for an entire afternoon at the “Medicine Week” to start the assault on the almost 200 exhibit stands. At 6 PM the bus returned the delegates to our hotel, for the evening meal. No further activities were planned for this evening, but there are thermal baths nearby and of course the world famous Baden-Baden spas, which really shouldn’t be missed.

Wednesday (Nov. 5th): After breakfast, our second private session, again in a meeting room right at our hotel. This one was with Dr. med. Eva Rasche, Medical Director of the German Med-Tronik firm, that brings us such goodies as the MORA and BE-T-A instrumentation. She outlined some of her extensive personal experience with MORA-Therapy, with an emphasis on cancer treatment. Her English is excellent, and she also covered some normally overlooked therapy possibilities.

Mr. Erich Rasche [the “RA” of “MORA”] surprised us by introducing Med-Tronik’s very latest product, namely a “Quick Test for S-Acetylglutathione (SAG) Levels and Free Radicals”, with a per test cost as low as 35¢ US and requiring only 20 µL. of blood. It should be available in early 2004! [This test is important for those planning to do Dr. Kremer’s nontoxic cancer work, who don’t have access to a medical lab able to test for “SAG” concentrations.] Erich’s spoken English now is much better.

After lunch, the bus again took us to the Congress Hall, to continue our attack on the “Medicine Week” exhibit stands; then back to the hotel, and the evening meal. There were no planned activities afterward – so being over their jet lag many went for a night “out on the town”. We finished eating in plenty of time for them to enjoy the Baden-Baden nightlife just getting started by then, visit the spectacular casino, etc. (A city bus regularly ran between the hotel and downtown; others shared a taxi.) For those who didn’t go out, this turned into a party night!

Thursday (Nov. 6th): The third private session was scheduled after breakfast, in our meeting room. The presenter was to be Dr. Hans Weiss from Austria, an internationally recognized expert on Magnetic Field Therapy. He was also going to bring along a practitioner with vast clinical experience using this equipment. However, without any advance notice (nor subsequent explanation), they simply failed to show up. We can only assume something serious happened to them on the way to Baden-Baden, since we’d been corresponding for months before we both confirmed this session. I do know he was greatly looking forward to this opportunity.

After the morning refreshment break we had to assume that they were not coming. Dr. Alexander Wood of our Board of Directors graciously filled in the rest of the morning, explaining some of his own treatment approaches and answering the group’s questions. No one seemed to care about this speaker not showing up once Dr. Wood started, and were actually glad to have a chance to get answers to their questions before our two days with Dr. Kremer.

After lunch at the hotel and making sure all our luggage was on the bus, off we went for the final afternoon of attacking exhibit stands. (This was also the last exhibit day, since the “Med-Week” had been abbreviated by one day this year.) As well, I suggested some souvenir and gift shopping in downtown Baden-Baden for the family and their staff – knowing that they can’t go home without anything.

About 4:30 PM we left the “Med-Week” for our hotel near Frankfurt Airport, and the evening meal. Since ‘Autobahn’ congestion was not too bad, we reached this hotel by 7 PM. After check-in and freshening up, there was plenty of time for a leisurely dinner at our hotel; but otherwise it was an ‘early to bed’ night, in order for our minds to be well rested for Dr. Kremer’s first seminar day tomorrow.

FRIDAY (November 7th): After breakfast, at 9 AM in a meeting room at our hotel, the first day of Dr. med. Heinrich Kremer’s biological (nontoxic) cancer treatment seminar began. He went very heavily into the evolutionary and established biology of the cancer cell, cellular respiration and immune balance, and explained how cancer differs from AIDS from a regulation standpoint. As well, he outlined the most recent biochemical findings concerning the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, apoptosis, and NO gas synthesis regulation. Much of this knowledge is so recent that it will not be included in the shortly anticipated newest edition (4th) of “Lehningers Principles of Biochemistry” or announced forthcoming cellular biology textbooks.

By the end of the day many of the delegates were just itching for the therapy aspects, especially those not understanding or appreciating the relevance of what he was presenting. As far as I was concerned he could have concluded his seminar that day, since thereafter the treatment was obvious.

At 6 PM a bus picked us up at our hotel and took us to a unique restaurant for dinner, namely, a place where depending on what you choose you can grill your own steak, etc., on a hot lava rock at your table. This restaurant is one of mine and Carolyn’s absolute favorites in the Frankfurt Airport area. Two and a half hours later the bus took us back to our hotel, for the evening.

Saturday (Nov. 8th): At 9 AM in the meeting room, our second seminar day with Dr. med. Kremer on his biological cancer treatment began. Finally, the treatment aspects everyone was waiting for after yesterday’s background and foundational “theory”. He reviewed his conclusions regarding the numerous substitution therapy possibilities and equalization measures, crucial changes for underregulated and over- regulated processes, as well as prevention factors.

All in all, a bang-up job in summarizing many years of clinical experience in the application of nontoxic cancer treatment possibilities! However, I suspect that some delegates were unable to fully comprehend the proven wisdom being imparted by Dr. Kremer, due to their weakness in basic biochemistry and cell biology. [I’ve already sent all tour participants some dosage and administration information for the essential products, and hope to follow up with occasional mailings.]

At 6:30 a bus picked us up at our hotel and took us to an excellent Asian restaurant nearby, for the closing Tour Certificate Ceremonies. I thought something different after a week of German food might be in order, and this is another one of our very favorite restaurants in the Frankfurt Airport area. We had prearranged a spectacular Emperor’s Feast”, and ended up taking over four hours for the celebration, beginning with a six-course gourmet repast prior to Certificate presentation, picture taking, etc. The tour officially ended after that ceremony, as did O.I.R.F.’s responsibility for the delegates. Naturally, the celebration continued as a farewell party with Carolyn and I in the hotel’s pub.

Sunday (Nov. 9th): Delegates could fly home from Frankfurt anytime today if they wished, and most North Americans would even get home that same day due to gaining time zones. Breakfast this morning was included; and the hotel provided complementary shuttle service to both Terminals 1 and 2 at the airport.

In conclusion: That’s it for my special day-to-day report on our twenty-ninth group tour to Germany. I’ve certainly covered the most important aspects, and thrown in a few personal comments for those of you who haven’t experienced one of our “epicurean” tours yet. This tour – as are all of them – was a product of months of planning, organization and finalizing arrangements. Because of Dr. Kremer’s two days, I know it is destined to be one of our all-time greatest tours.

An exclusive article for Affiliates
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 9, 2003

© Copyright 2003, Dr. Walter D. Sturm, OIRF

About the author

Thanks to an eidetic memory and a near Mensa level IQ, Dr. Sturm had the ability to research huge quantities of printed materials (in seven languages) and then absorb and correlate the information without error or confusion. A dynamic speaker with an innate talent for teaching, he was able to meticulously share his knowledge and depth of understanding with the participants. Dr. Sturm was able to bring you right up to date with the very latest German discoveries based on his regular attendance at German language Symposia and conferences as well as the most recent German language publications.

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