60 Years of Hevert –

60 Years of Competence in Natural Healing

Hevert Pharmaceuticals celebrates a company anniversary: Since its foundation in 1956 the family-owned company has earned a leadership role among the manufacturers of natural healing medications and worldwide ranks among the ten most important homeopathic manufacturers. Marcus and Mathias Hevert, the third generation of managers, proudly look back on the 60 year company history and celebrate the anniversary with their own Hevert-Brand-Song (www.music.hevert.com free download).

Today in 2016 – expanded with several company locations, worldwide distribution partners and many employees – the grandchildren of the company founders, Marcus, Sarah and Matthias Hevert rejoice in 60 years of successful business activity. “In addition to the expert’s assessment in natural healing therapy and the production of natural healing medications, our strength lies above all in the great network of customers and partners grown over the decades,” explains manager Marcus Hevert.

“For many years in Germany we have grown faster than the market for over-the-counter medications and can also increasingly assert ourselves in foreign markets. This success is not only on the strength of the brand “Hevert” and the seal-of-quality “Made in Germany”, but above all on the great commitment of our employees”, supplements co-manager Matthias Hevert.

Hevert thanks all employees, customers and partners for 60 years of corporate success in the service of natural healing.

An Celebration Announcment for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2016

© Copyright 2016, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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