Letter from the Publisher
Jonathan Collin, MD
Townsend Letter #348, July 2012

Professor Ruggiero on HIV and AIDS

Marco Ruggiero is a professor at the Institute of Experimental Pathology and Oncology at the University of Florence. Professor Ruggiero belongs to a small club of scientists who do not believe that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Professor Peter Duesberg, PhD at the University of California at Berkeley championed this theory in the early 1990s. Duesberg was rewarded for his public discussion of HIV not being the cause of AIDS with ostracism from his peers, a series of denials for grants for his research, and general labeling as an AIDS “dissident.” In the mid-1990s, dissidents were vigorously expounding on a non-HIV causation for AIDS. Medical societies, AIDS groups, and world health authorities condemned dissidents and recommendations for not using anti-HIB therapies. Professor Ruggiero has examined the controversy and argues that a non-HIV causation for AIDS not only is supported by hypothetical argument but also by experimental data and alternative therapies for AIDS. Ruggiero dismisses the “dissident” label. He cites a growing discussion taking place at AIDS conferences that HIB by itself is not sufficient to explain AIDS causation.

Ruggiero agrees that HIV is associated with AIDS process; that antiretroviral agents do reduce HIV burden; and that markers for AIDS, including viral loads and white blood cell counts, are modified by HIV drug treatments. However, studies with immune supporting agents, including an agent called GcMAF, also reveal changes in HIV burden and modify white blood cell counts. Ruggiero cites data demonstrating improvement in the aforementioned when antiretroviral agents and other HIV drugs were unsuccessful. He argues that an immune-supporting agent for the aids process would make better sense for the treatment of AIDS and offer another option than depending on controlling HIV viral load. Ruggiero proposes a novel development utilizing what he calls a specially prepared probiotic yogurt to serve as primary immune support agent.

We are pleased to publish a full interview of Professor Ruggiero by Spanish journalist Jacques Fernández de Santos in this issue.

OIRF Members should refer to the above mentioned Townsend Letter Issue #348, Pages 75 through 88 to see this very interesting full interview. Here is an excellent reminder to make your plans to join the OIRF 39th Germany Tour program where you will hear a half day presentation from Dr. Juliane Sacher. Dr. Sacher has personally worked with HIV and AIDS patients for decades and was directly involved with Dr. Heinrich Kremer (book The Still Revolution) and their groundbreaking research in this field. Be sure to refer to Dr. Sacher’s reprinted articles previously published on this website.

A Reprinted Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 2012

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