200 Years of “The Organon of Healing”

 Where Samuel Hahnemann Wrote his Foundational Work

After the Second World War, the practice of homeopathy in Germany experienced a decline and thus also interest in its history waned. Only with the renaissance of homeopathy in the 1980’s and 1990’s, again interest in its places of origin also increased. Because these places primarily lie in central Germany, and in at that time East Germany where no appreciation of homeopathy occurred, for a long time there were hardly any possibilities to visit these places. Slowly, but steadily interest in homeopathy and its story grows. During this year we look back on 200 years existence in the homeopathic world of the “Organon of Healing”, one of its foundational works which Samuel Hahnemann wrote in Torgau in 1810.

Introductory excerpt from an article in Naturheilpraxis mit Naturmedizin, November/2010.

A Translated Announcement for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Publiished December 2010
Translated by C.L.Winsor, OIRF
© Copyright 2010, Occidewntal Institute, BC Canada

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