(ELectronic Homeopathy) for DIAGNOSTICS

The goal of the experienced Biological Medicine practitioner is to be able to accurately and objectively evaluate the patient. I know that most people do not like to hear that EAV, ART, and VEGA-style diagnostics are subjective assessment techniques, but they are. Even the generally accepted objective diagnostic Bio-Electronic Vincent (BEV and BE-T-A) can become a subjective assessment if the patient does not follow proper testing preparation standards.

But no matter the equipment used for subjective diagnosis in Biological Medicine, a mild galvanic current is still being used to impart a challenge to the body and then to measure the response.

The major points that allow the MORA equipment manufactured by the German Med-Tronik firm (MORA-Super, RM-10/S, ELH, RITU [Remedy Information Transfer Unit], etc.) to stand head and shoulders above all others for both diagnostics and therapeutics are:

  1. A bio-filter which is built in and pioneered by Med-Tronik
  2. Research and training – ongoing and available throughout Europe and North America
  3. Digital signal recording and transmission – easily reproduced and state of the art measurement techniques
  4. Actual substance frequencies used for the ELH program, not crystal generated or filtered frequencies which will vary depending on the type of crystal used and where it was mined.

If you do not have accurate dependable diagnostics, you do not know when to stop therapy. The biggest mistake of practitioners in North America is that they over-therapy. The minute you over-therapy, the patient then has to expend their own energy (which you are trying to rebuild/balance) to counter the excess therapy you have given the body. The MORA-Super therapy programs will give you immediate feedback as to when you have done so. The more objective diagnostics (such as BEV and BE-T-A) will also help with this ongoing assessment.

EAV versus VEGA-Style ART

Whereas EAV is a point based measurement (i.e.: you measure all end points or Ting points on hands and feet), the VEGA-style ART (Autonomic Resonance Test as developed by Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Helmut Schimmel) allows a single point measurement filtered against various substances – such as organs, diseases, miasmas, remedies, etc.

The amount of information available through EAV diagnostics is tremendous. For example, there is a point to measure the head of the pancreas, a point to measure the tail of the pancreas, and a point for the body of the pancreas. In the VEGA-Test method (now called ART) I can only measure that there is a problem in the pancreas. EAV allows maximum specificity if we are talking about measuring layers of information in the body.

In 1965 the Germans published the criteria for an EAV diagnostic device. When the meter reads “50” it is measuring 95 kilohms, at exactly 9.10 microamperes, and exactly 870 millivolts. The entire scale has been standardized and the German instruments (MORA Super, etc.) are calibrated to exact perfection, whereas most of the equipment being produced in North America when tested will not indicate accurate compliance to these criteria or standards.

Indicator Drops in EAV

Using the WinBase software program available for the MORA-Super, the practitioner is able to determine and record indicator drops (ID) during an EAV evaluation. Dr. med. dent. Fritz Kramer pointed out the Indicator Drop to Dr. med. Reinhold Voll, and Dr. Voll came to call that phenomenon the most important finding in an EAV evaluation.

Measurements above 60 will show an irritated or inflammatory process exists. Measurements below 40 will show a beginning degenerative state, and below 20 will show a critical degeneration exists in the area.

However a measurement that starts at say 75 and has an indicator drop to 45 can show a focus as well as the inability of that organ to respond. Indicator drops are the most important sign of existing pathology in EAV.

Electronic Homeopathy

Med-Tronik’s Electronic Homeopathy (ELH) software is the tool that surpasses any other pretender on the market. Again German technology and engineering have led the way in accurate and reproducible energy measurements of organs, diseases, remedies, and etc. This technology has allowed the practitioner to move away from the space and money consuming chase for ever more and more remedy test sets. The times have changed from having to own 10,000+ test ampules, to being able to call them up digitally recorded (not conjured up in somebody’s garage in Oklahoma) and to test or treat using them (as desired). A detailed review of the Med-Tronik firm’s ELH programs will be in a future newsletter.

P.S. None of this knowledge would have been brought to North America had we not been blessed with the presence of our recently departed dear friend, colleague and mentor Dr. Walter D. Sturm†. B.Mac.

NOTE: Further information and instruction for EAV testing can be found in the Medication Testing Report (based on Dr. Kramer’s books) available from Occidental Institute.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 18, 2005

© Copyright 2005, Dr. Brian L. MacCoy, Idaho, USA

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