(*May 19, 1929 †December 12, 2003)

In memoriam, enclosed is our translation of his recent and unfortunately final “Resonance Homeopathy article.

Dear Research Associate:

Helmut W. SchimmelIt is with greatest sadness in my heart, that I must advise you about the passing of Dr. med. dent. Helmut W. Schimmel, founder of the Vegatest method, VRT and Photon-Resonance-Test, originator of the Causal Chains and Functional Medicine concepts, formulator of the Meridian, FM and Resoplex Complexes, and much more.

Carolyn and I last spoke with him at his home on October 31st (exactly six weeks prior to his passing), and just two days before Tour #29 started. He was very weak but lucid, with certainly no overt signs of impending death. He died at home in morphine controlled pain, of severe bone metastasis into the hip and spine after a simple prostate cancer ablation.

During our visit Helmut gave me a copy of his latest ‘Resonance Homeopathy’ paper as enclosed, telling me it was his “final article”, and that he “likely would never have the concentration and strength to write another one – so Walter, please consider it as such.” He was right about that being his final article, and I believe he knew he was not long for this world when he gave it to me. Accordingly, good Affiliates, enclosed is our translation of it in his memory.

You – indeed the entire field of biological medicine – have lost a true innovator, healer and ‘elder statesman’. Beyond that, I personally have lost a colleague, mentor and friend of some twenty-five years! May he Rest in Peace knowing that his travail has seminally changed medicine on several continents; and may his work continue to gather future momentum in the hands of his successors.

Well, that’s it for this (unanticipated) first 2004 Affiliate mailing. As notification of Dr. Schimmel’s demise, we’re also sending it to 2003 Affiliates who have not yet renewed for this year. Again, with very best wishes to all of you for 2004,

I remain

s/Dr. Walter D. Sturm,
Research Director and Board Chairman

An exclusive announcement for Affiliates
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published January 15, 2004

© OIRF 2003 Penticton, BC Canada

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