German Biological Medicine:

Can it be the link that connects the reductionist
paradigm of medicine with the holistic paradigm?

I would like to offer the following ideas for your consideration. I have trained both as a traditional allopathic physician and a classically trained homeopathic physician. I have had the opportunity to see both systems work well and will attempt to integrate both philosophies. Health care delivery systems can be divided into basically two groups: reductionist or holistic. They are divided both by their methods of treatment and the research design it uses to further its understanding of the factors controlling the balance between health and disease.

The theoretical model for allopathic, western medicine rigorously pursues the reductionist model. In this framework, the control mechanisms of health are understood to be based in biochemistry of cellular and intercellular actions. As technology has progressed, the ability to measure and observe the functions of our bodies has been reduced down to the level of our DNA. Reductionist scientists have proceeded to the point of genetic mapping of chromosomes as an ultimate level of understanding and changing the balance of disease/health.

Manipulating the DNA sequence of our chromosomes will likely yield some very dramatic results. These manipulations will be mainly physical or biochemical alterations of the DNA. This level of scientific exploration will be satisfying to the scientific community for a period of time and then a deeper level of understanding will be necessary. Despite significant gains in knowledge and the results of treatment, this level of understanding will not answer all questions or explain all phenomena. It is when this point is reached, that an opportunity will exist for integration of reductionist and holistic science.

I am only familiar with two medical systems that are holistic in both their patient evaluations and the results of treatment: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Hahnemannian Homeopathic Medicine. The theoretical basis of both relies upon experiential science and speculation about previously “unknowable and immeasurable forces” (The Organon of Medicine). These energetic interactions with the body follow either the principles of Five Element Theory or the Law of Similars. The recent publication, made available by O.I.R.F., “Homeopathy Research – An Expedition Report”, gives a review of modern day attempts to objectively measure the “vital principle” at work in homeopathic medicine. The German Biological Medicine (GBM) model provides an advancement of Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding of our energetic anatomy and energetic, physiologic mechanisms that control health and homeostasis.

The German Biological Medicine (GBM) model is a most intriguing interplay of the techniques familiar to reductionist scientific evaluation with the energetic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and holistic principles. Last fall’s 2002 Germany Tour (#28) sponsored by Occidental Institute Research Foundation showcased an attempt to measure the effects of treatment upon the patient’s DNA. GBM has built upon the principles of TCM and Homeopathy, in that energetic control systems are more primal in determining our state of health. External influences of a material nature (toxins, bacteria, etc.) are still maintained as important factors that influence our state of health.

Recent advances in the measurement of the actual energetic state of the meridian system (Performance 2001 instrument) allow a more direct observation of the cause and effect relationship of any variable applied to the body. This is an important step in laying the groundwork for future experiments. This allows us to observe the interaction between energetic influences on the body and our more readily available biochemical measurements of health.

The GBM model has also advanced the science of homeopathy by investigating the active energetic force of homeopathic remedies as recordable information (MORA Therapy device and ELH ‘Electronic Homeopathy’). This has the potential to gain further insight in the future into the mechanism of action of homeopathic remedies. This may allow the investigation of the various properties and actions of homeopathic remedies (physical, mental and emotional) and put some quantifiable science behind the vague concepts of harmonic or mathematical relationships between potencies that homeopaths loosely talk about.

Comparison of the sphere of action of various potencies of individual remedies is a common point of contention among homeopaths. Very different methods of prescribing (e.g. Hahnemanian vs. Kentian), have their own set of rules and passionate advocates. Also, many remedies are known to have similar actions on a part of the patient’s symptom picture. It would be good to know if this would be reflected in a similar energetic profile of the remedy. This could certainly make the “materia medica” a much more precise instrument.

It is for this reason that I would propose the GBM model is perfectly positioned to be on the cutting edge of the integration of the reductionist and the holistic paradigm. The integration of these two sister sciences has the potential to elevate our understanding of life processes in a truly historic and monumental manner.

I would like to present the following model of health for your consideration as well as offer the prediction that this is the next logical step for both the reductionists and holists. For this, I suggest that we do not look at the chromosomal/DNA model as the primary generative force in our physiology, but as a transducing organ as well. Our DNA may be structured as a “tuning” organ for the energetic, vibrational forces of the universe. Various positions of individual chromosomes may be so constructed as to  “tune” specific frequencies in a resonant manner. We all have our unique propensities and susceptibilities that are inherent in our chromosomes, but are subject to environmental influences. This would only be logical if the energetic forces of the universe are both stable and in flux.

The function and expression of our inherited tendencies is continually modified by the energetic force field of our environment. I feel that our cells are responding to the environment and that the shape, structure and function of the DNA helix are not constant but have the ability to dynamically change. This affords us the necessary ability to respond constantly to life and evolve individually and as a species. The fact that life exists and persists would be evidence of the effectiveness of this ability.

A simple analogy might be the clarinet. Slight changes in the shape can cause changes in the sound produced. In this model, we would be responding to changes in our energetic environment that may well cause adaptive changes in the structure of our chromosomes.

This theory seems to lend itself to scientific experimentation. Exposing cells to specific energetic influences could be tested as far as structural and functional changes in their chromosomes. The accumulated knowledge and data of GBM will be instrumental in predicting specific actions from specific energetic influences. German Biological Medicine technology will hopefully apply the scientific precepts of measurability, predictability, reproducibility and verifiability to this study. It is then a matter of devising objective methods of experimentation and analysis. Should this hypothesis be correct, the potential for unraveling the mysteries of health will be greatly advanced.

It is my hope that practitioners of GBM, holists and reductionists will be open- minded in their interactions with each other. The Occidental Institute Research Foundation is currently a cutting edge institution where it would be appropriate to begin a discussion of such matters.

I appreciate your indulgence of such scientific day dreams. One trained in homeo­pathy will recognize this as the “sulfur” state. I invite any comments or critique and would like to acknowledge Dr. Walter D. Sturm of O.I.R.F., as a ‘vital principle’ in the dissemination of German Biological Medicine in North America.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 4, 2003

© Copyright 2003, Dr. Leonard J. Torok, Medina, Ohio USA

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