Almost twenty years ago, I was becoming frustrated seeing new patients come in to my clinic with ever increasing severity of illnesses, complicated by indications of multiple disorders. A new patient would arrive with signs and symptoms (and confirmed lab tests) of sometimes more than eight disorders occurring at the same time. As a conscientious physician I wanted to help them get well – but where to start?

A dear friend and colleague from Eugene, Oregon, suggested I contact Dr. Walter Sturm at “Occidental Institute Research Foundation” for further postdoctoral training. I did, and through seminars in Australia, Europe, and North America, as well as pursuing one-on-one time with Dr. Sturm, and the patients I would refer to him, I was able to rapidly gain an understanding of numerous beneficial modalities. The diagnostic and therapeutic techniques I was able to learn because of Occidental Institute and my persistence have paid off both by increased revenues in my clinic and faster, more complete improvements for my patients. I do no advertising now and am busier than a ‘cat herder’!

Patients are referred by friends, and friends of friends. The dominant diagnostics and therapeutics are natural biological medicine techniques learned from many O.I.R.F. tour sessions in Europe. A typical recent example; a 67 year old man whose chief complaints were metastatic carcinoma now resident in “the abdomen”, originally carcinoma located in the ampulla of Vater at the summit of the duodenal papilla, excised by Whipple’s operation. His desire is to avoid chemotherapy and radiation by using available natural therapies.

Bio-Electronics Vincent (B.E.V.) testing of pH, redox potential, and resistivity run on the first visit and repeated after one month of treatment indicates a significant improvement in pH, redox potential, and resistivity of blood, urine and saliva. This testing is done according to ‘European Standard Procedures’ as established by hydrologist Professor Louis-Claude Vincent of France, and Dr. med. Franz Morell of Germany. Repeat testing at two and three months shows almost a complete return to normal values for this man’s age group. He has been able to stop his Oxycodone™ pain medication and now just occasionally will use a Tylenol™ when he feels a twinge of discomfort. Proper nutritional and dietary supplementation has played a major role as well.

A treatment program will include lab analysis as mentioned above, then the use of nontraditional biochemical body balancing techniques. These techniques include (where indicated) high dose vitamin and mineral supplementation, high dose enzyme preparations, inhaled ionized oxygen (adding individualized normally injected homeopathic preparations such as mistletoe, organ preparations, Koch remedies, etc., by means of nebulization), mild to moderate dietary modifications, and exercise or stress reduction technique recommendations.

A Vegatest-type “Autonomic Resonance Test” (ART) as developed by Dr. Helmut Schimmel (MD, DMD) – but using the diagnostic part of the MORA Super instead – is carried out during the patient’s first or second visit, to determine the exact combination of remedies and therapies needed to achieve outstanding results. This type of testing can help the practitioner recommend the exact dosages for supplementation. In addition, such testing can help pinpoint the dominant health challenge, the patient’s vitality for responding favorably to your therapies, the extent and levels of disorder(s) involved, and even propensity for recovery!

The MORA Super of course is primarily a therapy instrument, and among its many therapeutic possibilities can provide electronic transfer of homeopathic remedy information as needed, including inversion [cancellation] of toxic or harmful substances.

I also find that rebalancing of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit is essential to true restoration of health, and thus I make mandatory a visit to the Christ-centered “Healing Rooms” in Spokane, Washington. Intercessory prayer is used in the Healing Rooms. After that visit, everyone is allowed their own follow-up plans to embrace their personal spiritual healing. I believe that many people develop cancers due to an imbalance in their spiritual understanding of who holds the final say in health and healing, combined with an organic dysfunction of their body’s biochemistry.

I have been in practice since 1976, treating patients who have developed cancers of all sorts. Philosophically, I do not treat cancer (or heart disease, or arthritis, or etc.) as a naturopathic physician. I treat the individual to try to facilitate or stimulate a healing response by the body. I simply attempt to rebalance the body’s biochemistry, and then let God and the body heal itself. In the past twenty plus years I have seen numerous patients’ tumors and cancers stop growing, decrease in size and in some cases completely disappear. To name a few, nonresectable thymoma, pancreatic carcinoma, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, brain astrocytoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, among others.

I expect to see great results usually starting within a three-week period. Patients who follow my recommendations (based on the techniques I have learned over the past twenty years through O.I.R.F.) are not disappointed. If there is a setback – which many practitioners mistakenly have been led to believe is a “healing crisis” – I repeat the BEV and/or ART testing and almost always will be able to tell the patient what it is that needs to be corrected (usually something they are not doing, that I specifically instructed them to do!).

My belief is that a so-called “healing crisis” simply means a good enough diagnostic work-up has not been done, before beginning therapy. Break yourself out of the mold – a “healing crisis” is not necessary. The body does not have to go through additional stress in order to heal itself. So, if your patients are still experiencing such “healing crises” get yourself to the next O.I.R.F. seminar and find out how they can be stopped!

These diagnostic and therapeutic techniques have truly revolutionized my practice, and not a day goes by where I don’t stand in awe of what I am able to discover about a patient without him or her telling me a thing concerning their problems.

I pray your practice is as rewarding as mine.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published July 7, 2003

© Copyright 2003, Dr. Brian L. MacCoy, Post Falls, Idaho USA

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