Due to new German homeopathic production requirements and in preparation for harmonized European Economic Community standards, in 1999 the WALA firm had to change their numerical organ preparation potency designations. WALA produces the Mother Tinctures (Æ) of their organ preparations on the basis of a 1:100 (C) dilution, and termed it a “D2”, with “D3” the lowest generally available ampule potency previously sold. [A costly “D2” (= Æ) ampule was available for the main organ preparations, strictly for diagnostic purposes and cer­tainly not intended for therapy due to its concentration.] However, under the standardized 1:10 (D or X) dilution homeopathic regulations this was no longer technically correct, since a “C1” potency cannot be directly equated to a “D2”. Thus, the lowest ampule potency sold is now a “D5”.

In the renumbering process resulting odd number potencies like D7 (= old D5) were eliminated; also, old potency designations such as D12, D15 and D30 could still be retained under the revised regulations, rather than changing them to D14, D17 and D32 [in that they are well beyond laboratory detectable “material” concentrations]. Also, since the Mother Tinctures are prepared in a Glycerine solution, they have chosen to designate this new numbering with the added identifier “Gl”.

What does this mean for you? The bottom line is that after 2000, if you want to pur­chase the exact equivalent potencies to those mentioned in my workshops, videotapes and printed materials, you would have to order a two number higher “Gl” thereof. Thus an old D3 would now be a D5 Gl, etc. Furthermore, for economic reasons WALA no longer offers some of their former “Organ Potency Series” packages and poorly selling organ preparations or specific potencies thereof. For the learning purpose that organ preparations can be utilized – for instance in the “O.I.R.F. Special Report on Medication Testing” – this numerical designation shift makes no difference, as long as your “Organ Potency Series” starts with a “D5 Gl” or multiples thereof (which now equals an old “D3”). These series packages are the most economical way of procuring a relatively complete range of potencies. The only difference is that now the new full series packages encompass D5 GL to D30 GL, whereas the old full series packages we previously taught about ran from D3 to D30.

Diagnostically, this number shift really becomes important only if you already have some of the older (non-Gl) “Organ Potency Series” packages or work with individual older (non-Gl designated) organ preparation test ampules. I do not want to confuse you at this stage, but will give you two examples thereof:(1) The original VEGATEST-Method Organ Test Sets used a WALA D4 potency test ampule for each of the main organs, based on the fact that the D4 (representing incipient degeneration) was a good single ampule to use for testing organs. Now, it requires a newer D6 Gl test ampule to achieve the identical potency;(2) In EAV, EAP or GEA testing, the older D6 potency organ preparation ampule is considered as hypothetically representing a “healthy” or “normal” organ state (lower potencies indicate degeneration, and higher potencies indicate inflammation). Now, it would be a newer D8 Gl organ ampule.

I hope this helps those just now getting into the diagnostic aspects (and eventually, the astounding therapeutic value!) of WALA organ preparations. WDS

Follow this link to see the introductory article “Nosodes in Homeopathy: Significance and Viral Safety”: https://oirf.com/2003/02/27/nosodes-in-homeopathy-significance-and-viral-safety/

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