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Occidental Institute Research Foundation is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to disseminating information about German Biological Medicine throughout the English speaking world – that much needed Information and Technology Bridge linking Germany with English speaking practitioners worldwide. OIRF is a practitioner oriented Society whose aims and efforts are specifically directed to their needs.

On our Chronological History page you can see some of the Institute’s “firsts” showing how we have provided practitioners of German Biological Medicine leading edge information, advice, training and instrumentation since 1972. The Institute provides ongoing research and information on all of those methods.

As of January 2013 OIRF is no longer a private membership based organization. As production of the “The Bridge” newsletter has become more cumbersome and lengthy, that era and method of publication has ceased. In an effort to get the most information out to as many practitioners as possible, “The Bridge” will take on a wholly different format. Instead of long 60 page ‘books’ that go out only to paid subscribers every couple of months, we are now going to hit your Inbox on a regular and more frequent basis. Every 3 or 4 weeks we will publish a short newsy update with one detailed article (either from one of our OIRF advisors or a translation from one of the German journals) followed by information on how you can get more involved in that featured method.

We thank our long standing members who have supported us over the years. To all of our colleagues and friends of OIRF, it is your continued support that allows us to maintain the levels of quality and integrity which are the hallmark of this non-profit organization. Our gift to each of you is a complimentary subscription to the new version of “The Bridge” newsletter.



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